14 Day Pill Planner Features

You Can See What Makes This System Unique

Multiple Compartments

4 compartment

Click to See Compartment Variations

Lighted Display for low light conditions

4 compartment

View your dosage alarm even in the dark!

Select Containers by weekday only!

4 compartment

Click to See how it Rotates

Plenty of room for each daily dose

2 compartment sorted pills

Each Container holds more than two dozen pills

Hide Sorting Tray until Next Refill

storage tray

Keep the sorting tray handy for the next refill!

Easy To Assemble and Disassemble!

Top Assembly

Click to See how to Disassemble

Want a silent reminder for on the go?

vibrating pill reminder

Set the alerts for audio or vibrate or both.

A handy sorting tray helps you get set up!

sorted pills

Use the sorting tray to fill your containers.

Looks great on the kitchen counter!

Looks Great on kitchen counter

Entire unit takes up less than 1 cubic foot of space.

Save Time and Improve Health

Better Compliance and Adherence with the 14 Day Pill Planner with Advanced Auto Reminder
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