Stay Healthy with the 14 Day Carousel Pill Planner

Maintain Better Compliance with an innovative and simple solution.

Better Adherence through Organization

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Managing Medications has never been easier! The 14 Day Pill Planner from EG ENNOVEA is the solution to managing your daily regimen and eliminating all those pill bottles from the kitchen cupboard or counter. Take control and get organized with the 14 Day Pill Planner Today!

A 14 Day Pill Planner System with Auto Pill Reminder from EG ENNOVEA┬« can help you improve compliance which can lead to better health.

According to the United States Center for Disease Control, only about 50% of patients who take medications adhere to prescribed medications over time. And after the first six months, the number of patients adhering to their prescribed medications drops even further. Non-adherence is often to blame in 30-50% of treatment failures and over 120,000 deaths annually in the U.S. alone. The 14 Day Pill Planner System with Auto Pill Reminder can help you avoid missed doses.

Better compliance means better health!

As you may already know, foods we eat often contain fewer vitamins than we need to sustain a healthy body. Comparing Recommended Daily Allowances to USDA typical food intake profiles from a 2010 Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion study, shows that for an average 2000 calorie diet, we consume fewer vitamins on average for many vitamins we need to stay healthy. In comparing Vitamin D for example, the typical 2000 calorie/day diet gives us on average 290 IU. However the recommended daily allowance is 600-800 IU, depending upon age, weight, and sex. A typical diet provides only 800IU Vitamin A, but the RDA for this vitamin is 2300-3000 IU. 

As you can guess, maintaining all of this can be quite confusing if you don't stay organized. The key is a system that is both easy to understand, and that allows you the flexibility to adjust your vitamin and supplement intake at the advice of your doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist, or health care provider. 

Avoid missed doses and increase longevity!

The 14 Day Pill Planner System has 14 containers that can be divided into multiple compartments to help you manage daily doses better. The 14 Day Pill Planner system is ideal for individuals who manage their own medications and is not intended for individuals who require a locked or strictly regulated medication management system.

Give the 14 Day Pill Planner System with Advanced Auto Pill Reminder a try, and we know you will be better organized.  The alarm is the key to the system, giving you the choice of audio, visual, and vibrating alerts to take that next dose. Container inserts come with optional decal/labels by dose number, so you will know which dosage to take next. Two tiers of containers mean you are all set for up to two weeks. Easy access and a small footprint, mean no more bottles on the counter, and you will have better results with a system that easily fits your dosage regimen into your daily routine.

14 Containers/4 Compartment Carousel

Each container is large enough to handle most medication situations, and has a scalloped lid, making it easier to open. You'll love the quality engineered containers, each with the potential to separate four daily doses.


Advanced Reminder Shows Missed Doses

The included electronic reminder is portable and discreet! You'll have audio, visual, vibrating and backlight features to let you know its time.

missed dose

Rotate and Reach Containers Easily

Rotate the trays to change the days! Easily Rotate by Hand to the appropriate day of the week!

rotating trays